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Why Visiting a Showroom Is the Best Way to Shop for a Fireplace

There are too many options to choose from when shopping for a fireplace. This makes visiting a showroom the best way when you are in the market for one. The features are not the only aspect of the fireplace. The … Continue reading

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The Smartest Pellet Stove Ever Made: Harman Absolute

At Harman, we use the term “breakthrough” sparingly. Unless something is truly unlike anything that has come before, you won’t hear us say it. With that preface….read more

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3 Precautions to be Taken Before a Fireplace Chimney Installation

  1. Installation Cost In choosing what type of fireplace and chimney you want for your home, keep your budget in mind and make realistic choices. A wood burning fireplace will require a professional mason. Such a project will cost … Continue reading

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How to Find the Perfect Heating Solution for Your Home

Wouldn’t it be great to see what your new stove or insert would look like in your home before you buy? Harman’s new online design tool, Hearth by Design, makes it possible to visualize your new stove or insert in … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Converting a Wood Fireplace into a Gas One

Wood fireplaces are the ones that were invented first – they remain the most common and some people will always be fans of them. There are a few issues with using wood as a fuel source that can be corrected … Continue reading

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Insulation Inserts

For increased insulation, cold climate homeowners can install fireplace inserts to block cold winds from blowing in. Keep your home and hearth warm this year by keeping out that draft.

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Major Benefits of a Fireplace

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any room. It offers several benefits including: A comfortable environment Aesthetically pleasing Romantic surrounding Warmth during emergencies Ability to cook if the stove breaks down Heating the house Reduce heating bills Using a … Continue reading

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