4 Steps to Cleaning Your Pellet Stove

You have made an excellent decision in purchasing a pellet stove for its environmentally friendly burning, but have you cleaned it lately? While it is easy to ignore the regular upkeep of your stove, leaving it unclean can affect its functioning. If you are uncertain where to get started with your stove, here are four simple steps.

Use Quality Pellets

One of the most important steps in cleaning is maintenance, and using high quality pellets will ensure that your stove does not clog. Make sure that your pellets are dry and clean before placing them in the stove, and test small quantities before purchasing in bulk.

Inspect Before Each Use

You also want to quickly inspect the auger and hopper before adding pellets to your stove. You want to make sure that the device is clear of excess sawdust and debris, as these can cause major clogs and resulting issues.

Regularly Clean the Entire Stove

The glass, burn pot, heat exchanger and ash drawer needs to be cleaned on a frequent basis. You will want to check your manufacturer instructions for specific details on cleaning, but you can usually vacuum the burn pot, empty the ash drawer, use a cleaning rod in the exchanger and use glass cleaner on the glass.

Have the Stove Serviced

Once a year, you want to have your stove serviced and inspected by a professional. This will ensure that major issues are addressed before they cause problems and that everything is in working order. They will look at your pipes, venting system and ash traps.

Ultimately, completing regular maintenance on your stove will ensure that it stays in working order and problems do not arise. For more information on how to service your pellet stove in La Mesa, click here.



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