Modern and Trendy Fireplaces

In the days of yore, families would gather around the fire to tell stories and avoid freezing to death. The modern fireplace doesn’t have the same vital importance, but it still serves a necessary function and can up the charm of any room in your house. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home with a warm aesthetic, there are a variety of current and classic fireplace styles to choose from.

Choose Your Fire Source

Before you decide the layout of your new hearthside, you’ll want to figure out what type you’re going to get. The most popular options are:

• Wood burning
• Gas burning
• Electric

If you have the space, vintage wood-burning fireplaces are currently in demand, though that requires a supply of kindling and some extra sweeping. The electric option allows for a smaller, sleeker unit that doesn’t need as much maintenance.


You might already have a fireplace that you aren’t that thrilled with, in which case it is possible to upgrade. Customized glass doors can create a new, modern look without the hassle and cost of installation.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your living room or your newly designed back patio, the options are almost endless. To learn where you can see some of the current trends at a fireplace showroom in La Mesa, visit this website.

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Covered in Comfort

Grab a book & some hot cocoa and cozy up in front of your very own fireplace. Get ready to enjoy a feel that is sure to satisfy.

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Handy Fireplace Tools

The fireplace provides a location for your wood to burn, but it doesn’t do all the work for you. Believe it or not, there is some craftsmanship required to build a nice fire. Having the right tools will help get the fire going and might even create a decorative look around the hearth. If you’re already buying the wood, you might as well be sure you’re equipped to burn it.

Fire Starters

Everyone has their own technique for starting a fire, yet some tools are helpful no matter what your methods are. Some worth considering:

• Bellows
• Gloves
• Fireplace tongs

The right utensils make it easier to stoke the flame and, more importantly, make it harder for you to burn yourself. A nice pair of fireproof gloves will do a world of good for your fingers.

Log Holders

Theproblemwith burning logs inside is getting bits of wood and bark strewn about your home. You can minimize the problem by keeping a nice, contained log holder by the fireplace. This will control the mess and might even add an additional matching piece to your fire set.

Have fun accessorizing your fireplace and then enjoy the benefits of owning helpful fire-making gadgets. To learn more about finding quality fireplace tools in San Diego, visit this website.

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Compact Comfort

A fireplace stove is an excellent substitute for a traditional fireplace. Its compact design makes it suitable for smaller spaces both inside and out.

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Heat Your Home with a Gas-Burning Stove

The timeless style, efficiency and convenience of a gas stove make it a great choice for homeowners. Here are three ways that a gas stove can be used for heating purposes.

1. Heat Does Not Escape

Gas stoves burn cleanly and offer a closed combustion system that won’t allow heat to escape. This makes it a smart alternative heating choice. Some gas-stove models can actually heat up to 2,000 square feet. That’s a very big deal for those looking to save on their heating bills.

2. Convenience

Homeowners appreciate the convenience of a gas stove. You do not have to retrieve wood or store pellets. You never have to have kindling on hand. With the flip of a switch, gas stoves automatically start. Instant gratification for both heat and ambience is one big, important benefit of a gas stove.

3. Increased Safety

The direct venting of a gas stove greatly reduces the risk of poisonous fumes and eliminates the smoke that comes from a wood-burning stove. The increased safety of a gas stove gives homeowners peace of mind while they heat their homes for their families and pets.

Whether your goal is to heat one room or a large area, gas burning stoves in La Mesa make sense. Please visit the website.


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Camping and Glamping Comfort

Calling all campers and glampers! A choice of heaters for cabins and other small spaces awaits you. Enjoy the great outdoors while being warm. Can’t you just smell the wood and pine cones burning?

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Save Money on Heating by Installing a Pellet Stove

It is undeniable that heating a home using electricity or oil can get very expensive, very quickly. While the initial investment can be significant, installing a pellet stove to heat your home can dramatically decrease your heating costs.

Clean Heat

Tiny compressed hardwood pellets are used to fuel pellet stoves. The materials used to make the pellets are sawdust and other clean wood waste that would otherwise clutter landfills and go unused. Since wood is a renewable resource, pellet stoves are great for both the environment and your wallet.

Low Maintenance

Due to its design, pellet stoves produce high heat with practically no smoke and odor. The slow, hot burn generated by the stove produces very little ash, requiring cleaning once a week at most. The low maintenance aspect saves you time and energy compared to a traditional wood stove.

Cost Effective

Pellets come in a standard 40-pound bag, and each bag costs between $5-$10, or $150-$300 per ton. The severity of the winter where you live will determine the number of pellets you need to run the stove. In warmer climates, just two tons of premium pellets could power your stove for the whole winter at around $600.

Visit this website today for more information on getting your new pellet stove insert in San Diego.

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